Alexe Poukine

2020 / France, Belgium / Fiction / 40’


Jeanne is taking her six-year-old daughter away for the weekend to Majorca. While everything is going down the drain, the mother’s only concern is to photograph Kiki, the class mascot.


After taking drama classes, Alexe Poukine studied anthropology, documentary filmmaking and screenwriting. Her feature-length documentaries, Dormir, dormir dans les pierres and Sans frapper have won numerous awards at prestigious festivals. Palma is her first fiction. She is now devoting herself to writing a feature-length fiction film.





Script   Alexe Poukine

Cinematographer   Colin Lévêque

Sound   Ophélie Boully

Editing   Agnès Bruckert

Mix    Rémi Gérard

Cast   Alexe Poukine, Lua Michel, Maria del Mar Fortea Alcaide, Franscisco Rios Montero

Production   KIDAM