Roxanne Gaucherand

2020 / France, Belgium / Documentary / 48’


Summer 2016, somewhere in French Drôme Provençale, a mysterious plague strikes the villages: swarms of white butterflies have invaded the region. As night approaches, everyone is shutting down in their homes, trapped by the seemingly unstoppable vermin. As the big swarm approaches, Lou discovers both the strange insects and her feelings for her friend Sam. By the end of the season, the moths will have devastated the century-old box trees, leaving behind a landscape of ruin.


Roxanne Gaucherand was born in Montélimar in 1991. She obtains a master’s degree in directing from INSAS in Brussels. Her fiction and documentary research is mostly focused on creating fragile characters evolving in worlds between reality and fantasy. She also directs music videos for artists and works as an assistant director.


Script   Roxanne Gaucherand

Cinematographer   Raimon Gaffier, Edwige Moreau-Bouchu

Sound   Valentin Mazingarbe, Hélène Clerc Denizot

Editing   Léo Parmentier

Mix   Selia Çakir

Cast   Lou Vaultier, Flavie Pons

Music   Daniel Bleikolm