2021 / Lithuania / Expérimental / 39′

Directed by Andrius Žemaitis

French premiere


This is a story about an orphan girl, Alizava, and her unfamiliar father, whose soul inhabits various things. In an abandoned mansion a childish ritual commences, erasing the line between the living and the dead. A silent dialogue between the girl and her father summons other characters. Who are they?


Andrius Žemaitis is an audio-visual artist. In 2010, during his studies in graphic and industrial design at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, he founds the audio-visual arts duo”BrainMonk” with a colleague. The duo released 24 albums of experimental and eclectic free improvisations over the past decade. Working with sound led Žemaitis to a deeper understanding of visual experiences.


Writer   Andrius Žemaitis

Cinematographer   Andrius Žemaitis

Sound   Marius Paulikas, Andrius Žemaitis

Editing   Andrius Žemaitis

Mix   Marius Paulikas

Cast   Matilda Žemaitytė, Albinas Uzdanavičius, Rimas Šileikis, Gaudentas Aukštikalnis, Gabrielė Šaulytė – Žemaitė, Violeta Mickevičiūtė – Urbienė, Vytas Bebras, Romualdas Petraitis, Jonas Bieliauskas, Jonas Štukys, Juozas Šaulys, Jonas Puodžiukynas

Music  Composer : Albertas Navicas, Rūta Vitkauskaitė

Sets   Gabrielė Šaulytė – Žemaitė, Andrius Žemaitis

Special effects   Andrius Žemaitis

Production   Andrius Žemaitis – benvenutas@gmail.com