2021 / Île de la Réunion / Documentary / 51′

Directed by Erika Étangsalé


Jean-René is a retired workman who has lived in Mâcon, France, since emigrating from Reunion Island at the age of 17. Today, for the first time ever, the quiet man recounts his story to his daughter. His journey is interspersed with enigmatic dreams and pains that are rooted in the wounds of the French colonial past.



Born in Mâcon in 1983, Érika Étangsalé now lives and works in Reunion Island after graduating from the École des Beaux-Arts de Dijon (ENSA) and the Institut de L’image de l’Océan Indien (ILOI). Treading the fine line between documentary and fiction, between reality and mythology, her work mostly focuses on heredity and memory loss through the prism of our growing disconnection from the living, nature, and the invisible world.


Writer   Erika Etangsalé

Cinematographer   Jonathan Rubin, Fiona Braillon

Sound   Pierre George

Editing   Marianne Haroche

Mix   Yannick Delmaire

Cast   Jean René Etangsalé, Jean Mahele Kofi, Larissa Zafy

Production   Jonathan Rubin –