2022 / France / Fiction / 31′

Directed by Geordy Couturiau


In a world without solitude, where everyone shares their life with their double, Lucienne has a relationship with Paul, a former lover who has lost his twin. While she desires his love, Paul only wants to find his brother. Individualism and exclusive relationships are not tolerated in this world which increasingly inspires Lucienne disgust. Her desire takes her away from her sister and probably from this man.


Born in Bruxelles, Geordy starts his actor career at age 9 and pursues it for almost 15 years before dedicated himself to his first passion by directing some videoclips and commercials. In 2018, he directs Lucienne eats a car starring Stéphane Caillard, his first short film that wins several awards (Best “Noves visions” Short Film at Sitges International Fantastic Films Festival, Best actress at Fantasia, France 2 award at Film court de Brest, Special Jury Award at Un festival c’est trop court at Nice) and that is broadcasted on France 2 TV channel. In 2021, he directs two short films: The Magic Flute, a fanciful buddy movie with Esdras Registe and Guillaume Dietrich, and Lucienne in a world without solitude, starring Stéphane Caillard and Cédric Kahn, a fantastic drama supported by the CNC, France 2 and the Brittany region. He’s writing now his first feature film.


Writer   Geordy Couturiau

Cinematographer   César Decharme

Sound   Rafael Ridao

Editing   Sanabel Cherqaoui

Cast   Stéphane Caillard, Cédric Kahn

Original music   Martial Foe

Sets   Till Ducas 

Production   Miles Cinéma & Insolence Productions
Eliott Brunet (Miles Cinéma) – eliott.brunet@miles.tv
Anaïs Bertrand (Insolence productions) – insolence.prod@gmail.com