2021 / Singapour / Fiction / 34′

Directed by Liao Jiekai

French premiere


Inspired by poems by Singaporean writer Yeng Pway Ngon, the film tells the story of a middle-aged man who decided to visit the graves of his ancestors after missing the annual family grave-sweeping event for almost two decades. He encounters his future-self in the cemetery, as an old man. In that bleak landscape scarred with remnants of exhumed graves, the duo embarked on an introspective journey into their past.


Liao Jiekai is a filmmaker and artist based in Singapore and Tokyo. He is a founding member of Singaporean film collective 13 Little Pictures and Japanese production company Prism Pictures. In 2012, he received the Young Artist Award for filmmaking from the National Arts Council of Singapore. In 2020, he received a Master degree for film directing from Tokyo University of the Arts, having studied under film directors Kurosawa Kiyoshi and Suwa Nobuhiro.


Writer   Liao Jiekai

Cinematographer   Shaun Neo

Sound   Lin Hsin Ru

Editing   Liao Jiekai

Mix   Lin Hsin Ru

Cast   Liu Xiaoyi, Chen Tianxiang, Elena Chia

Music  JS Bach Goldberg Variations – Variation 25 (Johan Sebastian Bach) – Jouée par : Kado Mitsuko – Enregistrée par Liao Jiekai

Sets   Elysa Wendi

Production   Liao Jiekai – liaojiekai@prism-pictures.com