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A popular event, the cine-concert is based on the principle of an order placed with French musicians to create original music around a film and then play it live during the screening.

Arnaud Fleurent-Didier and Dorothée De Koon create and play an original music on the film The Great K A Train Robbery by Lewis Seiler (1926 / USA / Western / 53 min).

The Great K A Train Robbery

by Lewis Seiler

1926 / USA / Western / 53 min

Following a series of robberies of the K & A Railroad, detective Tom Gordon (Tom Mix) is hired to uncover the mystery. Disguised as a bandit, Tom boards the train of K & A President Cullen. Cullen’s daughter, Madge, senses that Tom is not a criminal and soon falls in love with him. Madge is sought after by Burton (Carl Miller), her father’s secretary, who is in league with the bandits. Tom eventually discovers his duplicity, and with the aid of Tony, his horse, rounds up the villains and wins the hand of Madge.