Nelson Yu Lik-wai was born in Hong Kong in 1966. Director and director of photography especially for Jia Zhang-Ke, he quickly became an important figure in Hong Kong and Chinese cinema. Neon Goddesses is his first documentary film, his next two films will be fictions Love Will Tear Us Apart (1998), All Tomorrow’s Parties (2003); Dance With Me to the End of Love is a segment of a collective Digital Short Films film produced by the Jeonju Film Festival in 2004.

Neon Goddesses

1996 / Hong Kong / Documentary / 46′

Documentary about three women living on the margins on Chinese society – a nightclub hostess, a model, and a dancer. Under the harsh light of gaudy neon and through the sketches of their daily ‘marginality’, hopes are tainted with mockery.

Dance With Me to the End of Love

2004 / Hong Kong / Fiction / 30′

Plastic city suffers from the big chill. The extreme weather conditions prohibits and human existence on the ground surface. An hostel is under this deserted landscape. A doorkeeper of the hostel Kirin is an orphan and nobody knows exactly where he is from. People named him Kirin simply because he earns his life by collecting emptied Kirin beer cans. One day he meets a woman nomad Lanian.