Special screenings with medium-length films supported by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.

La Fille de la mer Baltique

by Éléonore Berrubé

2020 / France / Documentary / 52’
Production : Petit Chaos

Anastasia is a young Russian woman, born in the ashes of the Soviet Union at the dawn of the Internet. She has lived in France for several years and has never returned to Russia. When her father suddenly dies, Anastasia feels dizzy: having to find her place, somewhere in this new reality.

Les Intranquilles

by Marie Vermillard

2019 / France / Fiction / 41’
Production : Les Films de l’Imprudence

They are between ten and ninety years old, they think about who they are, what they have become, what happens to them or does not happen to them. They reflect, remember, measure the road ahead, the one covered so far, the one they will no longer walk…