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The concept of the series, a plot that spans several episodes averaging 50 minutes.
Since its inception, the festival has strived to program a remarkable series every year.


by Sergio Citti

1981 / Italie / Fiction / 3×57′

with Roberto Benigni, Franco Citti, Ninetto Davoli

“Il minestrone”, a cult film from 1981 by Sergio Citti, and starring the likes of Roberto Benigni, Ninetto Davoli and Franco Citti, is the thread that binds Pasolini to Benigni.
The film told with surreal realism the picaresque adventures in Rome of three characters perennially obsessed with hunger.
“Il minestrone” was broadcast in full on Rai Uno in 1985 in three episodes, since the original version of the film lasted 170 ‘. In addition to the exceptional cast, to which the name of Giorgio Gaber must be added, the film made use of the collaboration of Vincenzo Cerami, Nicola Piovani and Dante Ferretti.