Shin’ya Tsukamoto was born in Tokyo in 1960. Actor and director, he is considered as the leader of Cyberpunk in Japan. He is known for: the Tetsuo saga (1989, 1992 and 2009), Bullet Ballet (1998), A Snake of June (2002) and Vital (2004). Known for his style, he is also for his independence – he writes, shoots and edits his films himself, in which he sometimes stars.

Les Aventures de Denchu Kozo

1987 / Japan / Fiction (fantastic) / 47′
With Kei Fujiwara, Nobu Kanaoka, Shiinya Tsukamoto

Hikari is a boy who is bullied and teased at school because he has the odd distinction of having an electricity pole growing out of his back. He is accidentally transported into the future by a time machine, where a group of vampires is threatening to take light away from the world forever thanks to the construction of a bomb fomented by a young woman’s life. He fulfils his destiny: bringing light to the end of an era so that the following one will not be in darkness with help of his teacher.


2005 / Japan / Fiction / 49′
With Shin’ya Tsukamoto, Takahiro Murase, Takahiro Kandaka

A man wakes up to find himself locked in a cramped concrete maze of corridors, in which he can barely move. He doesn’t remember why he is there or how he got there. He has a terrible stomach injury and is slowly bleeding to death.