Tetsuichiro Tsuta






Two men, Tera and Jin, live deep in the countryside of Japan, in a house built of sustainable materials—an autonomous structure that doesn’t rely on non-renewable energy. Tera is a local, used to living in the wild. Jin is an intellectual who moved from the city and struggles to keep up. Cerebrally, Jin knows that this is the lifestyle he wants but can he live it? Perhaps none of it matters in nature, in poetry and in the rain. A meditation on our present and future shot on 16mm b&w film.


Born in 1984 in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. Tetsuichiro moved to Tokyo and studied film at Tokyo Institute of Technology. In 2013, he debuted with his first feature, Tale of Iya, which he shot on 35mm color film in the Iya region of Tokushima Prefecture. The film premiered at Tokyo International Film Festival and has won awards at festivals around the world. In 2020, BFI listed Tale of Iya as the Best Japanese Film of 2013 in their list, “The Best Japanese Film Every Year—from 1925 to Now.” He is currently working on his second feature film featuring Lee Kang-Sheng, known for films by Tsai Ming-Liang as lead and shot on 35mm and 65mm film.


Niko Niko Film


Script Tetsuichiro Tsuta     Cinematographer Yutaka Aoki     Sound Kota Sasai     Mix Kota Sasai     Cast Ryubun Sumori, Hiroki Teraoka