Affonso Uchôa

2019 / Brésil / Documentaire expérimental / 42 min


In a night in May, seven years ago, Rafael came back home after work. When he was opening the gate, someone called his name. He looked back and saw people he didn’t know. Rafael left his house carried by the unknown people and never came back. Since then he lives as if that night has never ended.



Affonso Uchôa is a filmmaker based in Contagem, Brasil.

He directed the films Mulher À Tarde (Afternoon Woman, 2010), A Vizinhanca do Tigre (The Hidden Tiger, 2014) and Sete Anos em Maio (Seven Years in May, 2019). He is also the co-director of Arabia (Araby, 2017).

His films were screened in several important film festivals like as Rotterdam International Film festival, Viennale, Toronto, Visions du reel, Mostra de Tiradentes (Brazil) and Mar del Plata (Argentina).


Writer: Affonso Uchôa, Rafael dos Santos Rocha, João Dumans

Cinematographer: Lucas Barbi

Sound: Marcela Santos, Bruno Vasconcelos

Editing: João Dumans

Mix: Adrian Rodriguez

Sets: Karine Assis

Cast: Rafael dos Santos Rocha, Wederson Neguinho, Robson Vieira, Maicon Felipe, Max Henrique, Magno Pires, Leonardo Ferreira

Production: Vasto Mundo, Un Puma, Camila Bahia


Room 1
Friday, August 28 – 2pm

Room 3
Saturday, August 29 – 9pm