Nao Yoshigai

2018 / Japon / Fiction / 30 min – PREMIÈRE EUROPÉENNE


Ayano is a woman shutting herself in her city apartment. One day, she finds a Japanese pear that she hadn’t noticed. She names this lovely plump pear “Tamako,” and dotes on it. Satoko is a woman growing Japanese pears in a place full of nature. One day, she notices a pear that she raised with great care was stolen from her farm. And there is a bloody fang of a beast beside a torn burlap sack. Secret worlds of two women cross over a fresh pear and sharp fang.



Dancer and Film director, born in 1987, Nao Yoshigai, after having learnt dance at Japan Women’s College of Physical Education, went to Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo Universityof the Arts and graduated in 2012.

She received prizes, at Film Competition for Film by Music, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM) in 2013 and a new face award at the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival for Hottamaru days in 2015.

She directed three works: Breathing House, Across the Water, and Stories on the Floating Wind in 2017, they were screened in JAPAN CUTS 2018, Festival of New Japanese Film in New York.


Writer: Tomoyuki Takahashi & Nao Yoshigai

Cinematographer: Koh Terai

Sound: Hiroyuki Kiriyama

Editing: Nao Yoshigai

Mix: Hiroyuki Kiriyama

Music: Takuma Watanabe

Special effetcs: Daisuke Miyako

Cast: Yu Goto, Maiki Kimura, Tetsuo Nakanishi (WARAIMESHI), Reiza-Ramon RG, Rieko Ayumi, Apuri Kato

Production: Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Room 1
Saturday, August 29 – 9pm

Room 2
Friday, August 28 – 2pm