Hannah Dörr

2021 / Germany / Fiction / 60’ – INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE


In Anröchte happens a massacre in which people are beheaded randomly. While investigating the case, the two investigating commissioners Konka and Walter discover the dark side of the town.

©William Minke


Hannah Dörr, was born in 1990 in Berlin, has studied at the UDK Berlin and “Film” at the KHM until 2016. Her films were shown on international festivals and german television. In 2016 she received the Young-Talent-award NRW and became CEO of the production company ÖFilm. Her short film Midas or the black screen won the public award at the International Short Film Festival and the Best Film at Filmkunstfest Schwerin in 2019.


Script   Wolfram Lotz

Cinematographer   Jesse Mazuch

Sound   Simon Peter

Editing   Hannah Dörr

Mix   Simon Peter

Cast   Hendrik Arnst, Julian Sark, Max Bretschneider, Sophia Burtscher, Yuri Englert, Andre Hegner, Mathias Max Herrmann, Burak Hoffmann a.G., Elisabeth Hoppe, Anna Polke, Magda Lena Schlott, Theatergruppe Blindflug, Klaus Zwick

Music   Anton Weil (original music)

Sets   Hannah Dörr

Production   ÖFilm Dörr & Schlösser GmbH