Guillaume Orignac

2021 / France / Fiction / 40’ – WORLD PREMIERE


Frederik had a dream : an empty city, mannequins, a stranger walking down the street with a backpack. Or is it a memory of his friend Hugues ? Hugues tells the odd story to Allison, who has heard it before and wants to know what’s in the backpack. It’s all circling around, and it’s also the split of a couple during strange times.


Guillaume Orignac has directed a documentary and many short fictions. As a producer, he cofounded Araucania Films. He was a regular correspondent of magazines Chronic’art and Carbone. He has published two essays on David Fincher (Capricci) and Louis C.K. (Façonnage). 


Script   Guillaume Orignac

Cinematographer   Lazare Pedron

Sound   François Mallebay

Editing   Guillaume Orignac

Mix   Vincent Villa

Cast   Frederik Bois, Hugues Perrot, Allison Chassagne, Nicolas Pariser, Laura Tuillier

Music   Original music by Guillaume Orignac

Special effects   Frederik Bois

Production   Descalles Nicolas, Cougnaud Denis