2022 / France / Fiction / 40′

Directed by Juliette Marrécau

World premiere


Leaving her father and her childhood town, Inès, idealistic and clumsy, does everything to convince her sister to stay in her small Parisian apartment. Lonely and losing her bearings, she befriends a hamster that keeps going around in circles…



With a degree in literature, politics and cinema, Juliette learn screenwriting at the CNC and with H. Benyamina and R. Compingt as documentalist for the feature film Pour Assia. After having been an assistant director, she honed her sense of dramaturgy at the Atelier de Théâtre Blanche Salant, and devoted herself to her own creations.



Writer   Juliette Marrécau et Mathilde Cadrot

Cinematographer   Charles Lesur

Sound   Matthis Goldfain

Editing   Morgane Maurel

Mix   Jules Jasko

Cast   Anaelle Fournier, Juliette Savary, Didier Sauvegrain, Marine Gramond, Anis Mansour

Original music   Composée par Pierre Fourchard

Sets   Marie Gilli et Valentine Spira

Production  LE G.R.E.C. – Marie Anne Campos – macampos@grec-info.com