2022 / France / Documentary / 40′

Directed by Gaëlle Boucand

World premiere


Drawn into a long journey on Berlin’s public transport, Margot evolves from her thirteen to seventeen years old alongside her mother Vanessa. Between two ages, between two countries, between two worlds – there her French grandparents with whom she spends her vacations; here the creative, collective and precarious Berlin life.


The portraits made by Gaëlle Boucand, from the tax exile in Switzerland (JJA in 2012, Change of scenery in 2015, J.A in 2020) to the Berlin raver back to Bulgaria (Voin in 2020), always echo specific historical, social and political situations of exile. In search of new writing forms, her films have been shown in international art institutions as well as in festivals (FID, Cinéma du Réel, Lussas).



Cinematographer   Michel Balagué, David Boisseaux, Gaëlle Boucand, Pierre Carniaux, Egor Kirpichev, Miguel Rozas, Thibault Solinhac, Victor Zébo

Sound   Miguel Rozas, Gaëlle Boucand, Olivier Blanc

Editing   Elsa Brès, Gaëlle Boucand

Mix   Arno Ledoux (montage son), Roland Vajs (montage son) & Maxence Lixeur (mixage)

Production   Elinka Films – Lila Pinell, Léa Todorov, Gaëlle Boucand – elinkafilms@gmail.com